Essay on The Wilderness

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, as vital to our lives as water and good bread.”
Edward Abbey

This quote accurately describes a fact; a fact that, in this day and age, is obscured by the flashiness of videogames, computers, and electronics. Unfortunately the way Abbey portrays this can be interpreted to signify being in the wilderness is a chore. This is not true, as being in the wilderness can be a wonderful revitalizing experience. Electronics can easily cause a sensory overload. When in the wilderness, the lack of this overload allows us more time and a better environment for inward self- reflection. Wilder vs Fury 2 live stream People should spend more time outdoors. If they did they would slowly begin to realize how wonderful it is.

The wilderness is, after all, an immense fantastic place. However when compared with television and mp3’s seems rather primitive and primordial. Many humans across the globe have become so accustomed to the electronic stimulus, that if you take it away, these people would feel somehow empty or void. This is because they are blocking out their natural self, their ability to see a place teeming with life and enjoy it. The wilderness is the place where all life comes together. It is the root of life, where everything lives and dies.

Unfortunately in this technologic era, city dwellers experience little to naught about the wonders of the mountains, trees, plains, rivers, and forests. This makes it easy for one to push the thought of the wilderness to the back of one’s mind. As one of America’s great nature writers, Sigurd Olson said:

“Wilderness to the American people is a spiritual necessity, an antidote to the high pressure of modern life, a means of regaining serenity and equilibrium.”

This is absolutely true, and demonstrates that it is necessary for people to take some time away from cell phones and pda’s, and spend time outdoors, if they wish to remain spiritually balanced. In order to counteract the high intensity work environment of this time, people need to spend some time outdoors. However this does not just mean to go tanning on the beach, this means to really experience it for yourself by getting out there and interacting with nature in any number of different ways, including hiking, or climbing.

The nature of modern-days ever-advancing technology leads humans to become more and more dependent on it. We need to severe this link of dependence and make it one not of necessity, but one that is only used for luxury and productivity. This way we would be able to more fully appreciate the wilderness. After all what would happen if a meteor struck? What about a hurricane or tornado, where people would need to start all over? Would any body have the necessary skills to survive?

The wilderness is full of variety. How people can become bored of it, I do not comprehend. It can be dry or wet, hot or cold, full or empty, vivid or dull, complex or simple, colorful or bleak, and most all the time mathematical. Mother Nature is the world’s best architect. She inputs the many principles of science, math, architecture, engineering, and more into her work. Nonetheless the name “Mother Nature” is misleading. “Nature” is not one thing nor another or even a mother. It is an element that is in all living objects. It is the element that shapes us, and nurtures us from the inside. A tree grows because of its very nature, a flower buds by its own element of nature. Even a boy only matures into a man because of this force. This force many people mistake to be unseen, but in reality is all around us. The force can be seen by a simple trip into the woods. With the right perspective one can view into the plants and animals and really get to know them, simply because of this one life element we share.

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