How Long Should It Take For a Man to Achieve a Six Pack?

Every man wants a six pack abs, but how long does it take for man to develop a six pack? Well the length of time for a man to achieve a six pack is dependent on 2 main factors. Unless you understand and work towards addressing these two important elements, the question of how long it takes will be redundant as you may never develop a six pack. So it is critical to address these two important truths or you may never experience the satisfying achievement of developing a six pack.

Six pack abs – Important lesson one

Forget the gimmicks on the infomercials, the paid endorsements, the dodgy before and after photos. Many of the people endorsing the latest ab crunchers (or ab roller, ab curler, ab twister etc.) have probably achieved excellent weight loss and possibly six pack abs. However, I am pretty certain that the product they are endorsing had surprisingly little to do with their achievement Body Kaise Banaye .

It is relatively straightforward to achieve the muscular structure required for basic six pack abs. In fact, almost everyone already has the fundamental ‘six pack’ structure naturally occurring in their rectus abdominis muscles (the ab muscles at the front of your stomach that give you the six pack look). This muscle connects to the lowest part of your sternum (xiphisternum) and rib cartilage (ribs 5-7) at the top, and to the front of your pelvis (pubis) at the other end. When this muscle contracts, it pulls the upper chest toward the pelvis (like an ab crunch exercise).

The most efficient way to build muscle mass, isn’t hundreds of repetitions with little or no resistance. Instead, if you want to build muscle mass in your abs (or any skeletal muscle), it will be more efficient to use more resistance and less repetitions. For example, if you were previously doing ab crunches to try and build muscle, you could hold some sort of weight across your chest (perhaps a medicine ball) to add more gravity resistance to the sit up action (just make sure you don’t go too heavy and injure yourself). If you are working out 3-4 times a week and doing appropriate exercises you should begin to see positive changes in the size of your muscles within six weeks.

But… it is almost never the size of your ab muscles that prevent the six pack abs look, which leads to the second and most important point.

Six pack abs – Important lesson two

It doesn’t matter how strong and muscular your abs are, if they are covered by a layer of fat you will not achieve a six pack. If you take a minute to think of any person you know or have ever seen with a six pack, and then consider how much body fat they have, I’m sure you will recognise this important truth. If you want six pack abs, you will need a fairly low body fat percentage to achieve it. This is the key for any man to achieve six pack abs.

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