How To Cut Your Cat’s Claws Without Losing Your Skin In The Process

Cat lovers are known to pamper their pets and you are probably no different. Your kitty has all the latest toys and comforts including self-cleaning litter box, a treat dispenser, cat grass, every cat toy known to the pet shop owner, and a variety of scratching posts but kitty wants to use the sofa instead.

Nothing you have done to try to deter her from scratching as worked and you are at your wits end. You have tried all the sprays and even the double sided tape that is supposed to scare her away due to the stickiness but all she does is walk over a little and continue to sharpen her claws on a different spot. Copper kettle┬áSo what are you to do? Does the concept of trimming your cat’s claws scare you to death? Let me show you how to make it easier.

First off, don’t try to rush the process of trimming your cat’s nails, all you will get out of that is a ticked off cat and lots of bites and scratches! Take the time to let her get used to having her claws touched and rubbed. You should do this often and not just went you want to cut her nails, if not the cat will associate the touching with getting her nails cut and you do not want that. Do a little research on the technique so that you are comfortable with it. You probably know that there is a blood vessel that runs in the claws that not only hurts if nicked, but will also bleed badly. A wound in that area is highly susceptible to infection as well due to her digging in the bacteria filled litter box.

Before you begin to actually do the clipping, make sure that you have all the things you think you will need. Of course, the most important part of your tool kit will be the clippers. You need a good quality pair that are only for the cat. Get some guillotine style surgical steel clippers from a pet specialty store and try to get some that have an extra blade. Practice a little with them before the live event so that you are comfortable using them.

Next you need a large towel to wrap your cat in case she doesn’t chill out and calm down. This way you can keep her wrapped up and work on one paw at a time. You may need to draft a friend or roommate into helping you if you have particularly unruly kitty. Finally, you want to be sure that you have a good light source so that you can see the blood vessel in the claw and avoid cutting it. It is best to leave them a little long than to cut them to the quick.

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