How to Stock Trade Online – A Beginner’s Guide

Before the dawn of Internet technology, the words “stock trading” would instantly give you this image on your head: a chaotic scene with hundreds of people rushing, shouting, gesturing while talking on telephones and keeping eyes on the monitors.

The introduction of online trading platforms during the mid- to late-90s brought a dramatic change on how people go about this process. But while most people today are techno- and internet-savvy, still many of us are not aware of the basic rudiments of stock trading, let alone how to do it online.

If you have little or no clue about this process, let this beginner’s guide pave the way for you to understand how to stock trade via the online route.

Step 1 – Do your homework

Learn and understand the basics of stock trading by reading books and researching online. You do not need a PhD on this field, you only need to have a basic understanding of the process by which people buy and sell stocks, ability to navigate through websites and do extensive research, and capacity (and willingness) to deposit money into online accounts while knowing the pitfalls. Italian Trading Of course, you also have to know how to use an online trading platform as well as how to research companies listed with the stock exchange, how to determine your gains and losses, how to receive trade confirmations, and so on.

Step 2 – Look for a suitable online stock brokerage

Some online brokerage companies advertise themselves with having long and successful reputations. It would be good to go for companies who have experience. Those who has been in the business longer than the duration of online stock trading itself should have brick-and-mortar locations. This is a great idea if you feel uncomfortable holding your first transactions online as you can easily visit the company’s office and inquire about things such as commissions, fees, minimum deposits, features of trading platforms, contact information, and so on.

Step 3 – Open an account with an online stock brokerage company of your choice

Once you have decided which company you want to go with, open an account with them. You must know that in order to do so, you need to provide sensitive personal and financial information such as name, social security number and address, among many others. You will also need to sign contractual documents as well as make a minimum opening deposit, depending on your broker’s requirement. If you are uneasy going about this by your own, it would be a smart move to consult first with a lawyer.

Step 4 – Let the online stock trading begin!

Some steps to help you get started would be to familiarize yourself with the online trading platform. Get to know the menus and trading screens. Invest time in studying online tutorials to speed up the process of understanding how the platform works. Then once you are confident that you know your way around, buy your first stock. Look for a company that you want to invest in, input the amount of shares you intend to buy, and go for it!

Online stock trading has made the process easier and faster. But of course, as there are many frauds in the online world, it pays to be critical and discerning with your decisions. Never trust anyone until you have ensured that you are in safe hands.

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