How We Teach Dogs to Fetch

You take your dog outside, either to the backyard or a nearby park, to play a game of fetch. The rules of the game are simple. The person throws the toy; the dog runs to the toy, picks it up and then brings it back to the person who threw the ball. Now before you teach your dog how to fetch, we must ask ourselves one question. Why??

Now I’ve thrown things before and last time I’ve checked, I’ve never wanted any of those things back. When’s the last time you threw your chewing gum in the woods and wanted someone to bring it back to you?? So, now you throw your gum in the woods and your dog thinks it is time to play fetch, so they chase after it. Ten minutes later you find your dog wrapped around a tree with your gum as if the ants tied him up and were holding him for ransom.

Another problem is I’ve seen people play fetch with their pets and for some reason some people must forget what kind of dog they have when they leave the house. Copper kettle I’ve had plenty a Frisbee fly by me with a Chihuahua attached. Or even better, I’ve seen one owner playing fetch with a golf ball. No big deal, only problem is that he had a Great Dane. It only took two throws before the dog came back only to have swallowed the ball. And two nights later, the whole neighborhood could hear when the golf ball finally passed through.

Even though you know the rules, it helps when the dog knows them too. You go all the way to the park, find a spot, throw the toy and tell the dog to fetch. Now the dog saw you throw the toy and in fact knows where you threw the toy. Instead, the dog begins sniffing and licking their butt as if the taste has changed in the last ten minutes. But you stand there and point in the direction you threw the ball and plead with the dog to fetch. They then give you that look as if you lost your mind and nonchalantly begin sniffing the ground in the opposite direction of the ball. Yet you stand there still pleading and the whole time the dog wanders in every direction but the one you are pointing in.

In the end, the only person who has learned to play fetch is the owner. Don’t believe me?? Who gets in their car, drives to the pet store and BUYS the dog food?? When’s the last time a dog let themselves out at SIX in the morning to go to the bathroom?? The dog has you trained and if you still don’t believe me, next time you are at work, just know that your dog is in the house sleeping and dreaming about you fetching dinner when you get home.

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