Is China a good option for higher education?

China is one of the most preferred places when it comes to destinations abroad for students all across the globe. China with the largest population in the world has gone and done something to establish itself all over the globe. It’s one of the top players in the field of engineering, medicine and technology. China is very well known for its heritage and rich culture. If you do your GMAT preparation well then China is extremely advanced and when it comes to the cost of pursuing education there, you must realise how economic it is in the long run, compared to European countries.

More than 3 lakh students come to China every year to earn that degree. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is actually making the effort of investing quite a bit on its education sector to  offer the best quality of education to its overseas students. One of its Universities had revently been ranked 6th in Asia and 25th in the World. Give below are a few reasons why you should go and get yourself that degree from China.

  • Studying is China is affordable. There are so many aspiring students who wish to pursue higher education out of their country but can’t because of financial restrictions. China despite being the 2nd largest economy in the world, gives higher education to students at a much lower cost in comparison to countries like UK and USA. This means more international students come every year and now the Chinese Government has introduced various schemes and scholarships to the students, giving them financial help in the form of grants, scholarships and awards. When we talk about how much the expenses to study in China comes to, well it’s anywhere between 2-6 lakhs a head and the cost of living can be anywhere between 15-50 thousand rupees per month depending on the location and the city you’re living in. At the most,the average cost of doing MBBS in China will come to about 3.2 lakhs a year. No wonder China has some of the best medical schools in the whole world.
  • Internal recognition and quality education. Apart from the very specific country related curriculum that offers courses on calligraphy, martial arts and the Chinese language, China also does a great job at catering to higher education when it comes to science, engineering, finance and medicine. When it comes to worldwide recognition, a degree from China is recognised by most countries out there. Infact, the Chinese government has signed an MoU on mutual recognition of degrees with a number of countries, including United States,France, Britian and Japan. China and Canda have joined hands which has paved the way for Canda and China research and academic collaborations. So many departments have started getting formed because of this collaboration and the outcome is even better. Low carbon energy solutions are getting developed to address the climate change effect and personalized pharmacology is getting formed as well.

So do your GMAT preparation well to understand concepts and go as fast as you can to China to go ahead in life.

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