The Health and Safety Risks of Chain Dog Collars

Chain dog collars may be ideal for keeping control of that unruly dog, but abusing the advantages of a chain collar or inappropriate usage could affect the well being of your dog over the long term. This article explains how.

Firstly, be sure to know that you have been instructed fully by a professional on how to apply the chain with your dog. When you are getting the chain collar, you should try to ensure that the dog collar is two to three inches bigger than the dog’s neck so as it doesn’t cause too much pain to the animal.

They may be ideal to use when you are out and about in public areas, but putting your dog in a crate whilst he or she has a dog collar like this on can be incredibly risky for the dog. Copper kettle Ensuring that you take off any canine collars that you may have in advance of putting your dog away for the night or for a fixed period of time can put your mind at rest.

Many dog breeds can wear a chain without much incident; however, there are some dogs that are unsuitable candidates for wearing a chain collar. One such breed of dog is a Yorkshire Terrier – a breed which has a very delicate area in the neck called the trachea.

All in all, chain collars are relatively harmless dog accessories that can be used with your canine harmoniously. Ensuring that you take some precautionary measures beforehand though can ensure that you do not need to make that dreaded visit to the vet.

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